A surprising number of adults think brown cows make chocolate milk

Seven percent of all adults in America believe that brown cows produce chocolate milk, according to an online survey commissioned by the Innovation Center of U.S. Dairy. That’s about 16.4 million misinformed folks who don’t know that chocolate milk is made of milk, cocoa and sugar. It’s jaw dropping for most of us, but for decades, educators and observers of all things agriculture have been telling us that we’re basically illiterate when it comes to what’s on our kitchen table. Many people don’t stop to consider where their food is grown or how it gets to the store — or, like chocolate milk, how it’s made. On study commissioned in the early ’90s found that nearly 1 in 5 adults didn’t know hamburgers are beef. Even more adults didn’t know basic farming facts and practices such as what animals eat or how big a U.S. farm typically is. Seemingly, not…

Memphis Meats Makes Real Meat Without Killing

What if I told you that no birds were harmed to bring you the delicious looking piece of real Southern style, deep fried chicken above? Would you believe me? Would you eat it? If all goes well for one American company, you’ll, at least, have the choice in just a few years. Cultured meat producer Memphis Meats announced yesterday that it has successfully created the world’s first lineup of “clean poultry”, which included pieces of duck and chicken — and not one animal death was required. “It’s thrilling to introduce the first chicken and duck that didn’t require raising animals. This is a historic moment for the clean meat movement,” said Uma Valeti, M.D., co-founder and CEO of Memphis Meats. Memphis Meats and a few other cultured meat producers around the world, are trying to reinvent modern animal agriculture. Valeti said the cultured meat system uses just 10 percent of the land and…